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Showbiz Budgeting


Breakdown your time cards faster and more accurately using Showbiz Time Cards. Then e-mail them to ANY payroll provider!

After a one-time employee setup, you simply enter the work hours and click one button for hours-to-gross totals. Showbiz Time Cards calculates total hours and total straight, overtime, and gold pay for almost every union and guild contract, 6th and 7th day calculations, meal penalties, kit rentals, turnaround, and more! Plus, it gives you totals for Prep/Wrap, Shoot, and Section G including a fringe estimate.
Showbiz Budgeting
Homestead Productions, Inc

“Showbiz Commercial Time Cards automatically calculates guaranteed union minimums, OT, Double time, and even meal penalties. It rocks hard. It's a timesaver that eliminates mistakes.
I will never have to white out 3 parts of the same timecard again."

John Falvey, Freelance Production Accountant


How do Showbiz Time Cards work differently than manually breaking down time cards?

Current Manner of Calculating Time Cards:
Currently, you get a stack of time cards and start 10-Keying, day by day, all the straight time, overt time, gold time, meal penalties etc. Then you write it all down on the original time card. Once completed, you give them to the head accountant for approval. And finally, you FedX or get a runner to bring them to your payroll company.

The Showbiz Way:
You get a stack of original time cards. You key the hours into the computer. Click the MagicPay button and your hours-to-gross is calculated for you. You print the new time card out and give it to your head accountant for approval. Once approved, you print the Showbiz time cards again - but not to paper - to PDF. Then you e-mail the PDF file to ANY payroll provider. The time cards arrive a minimum of a half a day earlier. Since they are not faxed or hand written, they are crystal clear to read. And since the comuter calculates mostly everything, there's less human error.

(Note: Even though the payroll company can start working on your edit right away, you will still need to send the payroll company the original time cards (with hours worked and a signature) for archival purposes.



1. One click sets up the entire time card
for any SAG schedule.

2. Enter their name, pay, and work hours.


3. Click MagicPay to calculate the
hours to gross.

4. Print your time cards to PDF and e-mail
them to Media Services,
Axium, Cast & Crew, or EP

f(Note: All payroll companies wiil

Showbiz Contracts (Music)


One-time Employee Setup:
Enter as little or as much employee information as your desire (see employee info window below). Once you've set up an employee, you'll never have to type their information again.

Enter the Hours Worked:
As you enter the work hours, you'll see the total hours, meal penalties, straight time, overtime, and gold time hours instantly. Additionally, you'll know how many force call hours, minimum guarantees not met, and more!

Then Press the MagicPay Button:
Click one more button and you are done. Once you click the MagicPay button, every line of detail will magically appear in the "PAY BREAKDOWN" section. Now you can leave it as is or adjust any line of detail to your liking.

Get More Accurate and Easier to Read Time Cards:
Print your time card worksheets and attach them to the signed time cards. Or, e-mail your time cards to Media Services rapid payroll processing. Combined with Media Services' on-site check printing, there is no faster way to pay your staff and crew.

Time Cards Get to the Payroll Coordinator Faster:
Immediately after the head accountant signs off on the last time card, you can go to your computer, print the payroll to PDF and e-mail it to ANY payroll company. This way, your edit will arrive before everyone elses.

Get Reports by Week or Employee:
You can generate reports for one day, one week, a month, for one production, for one employee, etc. You can see total hours worked, total prep/wrap, shoot, and section G for any person or period of time.




Meal Penalties
Meal Penalties are automatically calculated giving you the option to call "Grace" and recognize all or only some of the meal penalties incurred.
Turnaround / Force Call Hours
If you have to pay force calls, just tell it the force call interval, e.g., 10 hours, and the software will tell you exactly how many penalty hours you incurred.

Minimum Union Guaranteed Hours Warning
If you type in a minimum guaranteed hours, you'll receive an asterisk and a warning letting you know which days the minimum was not met.

Automatically Totals and Separates Prep/Shoot/Wrap
All your prep, shoot, and wrap costs are automactically separated and totalled up on the time card.

Union Force Guaranteed Hours
With the click of a button, you can force all total work hours for each day up to the minimum guaranteed hours. E.g., on a 10 hour guarantee, where they only worked 7.5 hours, the button will change the total work hours to 10 hours for that day.

Turnaround / Force Call Hours
If you have to pay force calls, just tell it the force call interval, e.g., 10 hours, and the software will tell you exactly how many penalty hours you incurred - plus it will autopaste the cost on the time card (while automatically recognizing SAG ceilings).





Operating system: Mac OS 9,
Win 98/Me, NT, 2000, XP

Hardware: CD-ROM Drive
10MB of Hard Disk, 64 MB RAM


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