Half of the TOP 10 TV Shows use Showbiz Time Cards. Why aren't you?


Showbiz Budgeting


Breakdown your time cards faster and more accurately using Showbiz Time Cards. Then e-mail them to ANY payroll provider!

Showbiz CREW Cards is the industry standard for calculating the hours to gross on your time cards. Whether it's a Union or Non-Union show, it's faster and more accurate to enter the hours from the time card to the computer than 10-keying your totals and handwriting them onto the time card itself. Don't believe our hype, listen to some of the users below.
Showbiz Budgeting

“I'll never be 'Desperate' again. Huge episodic crew, daily split coding, relentless re-rates, multiple 2nd units. If it's impossible...we do it. Media Services' Showbiz Software makes it all possible. Couldn't be done without it!!! It's accurate and fast. A must for every payroll professional."

– Audrey Miller
Payroll Accountant, Desperate Housewives

“You'll never be LOST with Showbiz Time Cards; from Meal Penalties to Split Days to Daily Labor Costs.... it's the best payroll tool available."

– Chico Powell
Payroll Accountant, LOST

“Finally, someone has come up with a very cool way of processing payroll - without the headaches.
Try Showbiz Time Cards; because you will love it."

– James Avelar
Payroll Accountant, ALIAS

“Showbiz Time Cards makes payroll much easier and less stressful, giving you the benefit to have more time to work on accounts payables."

– Francesco Pace
Payroll Accountant, The Apprentice

“Every week my payroll is one gigantic puzzle of split days, 6th day split days, a grip department that lives for re-rates, and AD’s that persistently work 16.1 hours. Showbiz Time Cards has cut my 12-hour day of calculating payroll in half. I absolutely love it! You really have to use it!"

– Candy Carstensen
Payroll Accountant, Grey's Anatomy



How do Showbiz Time Cards work differently than manually breaking down time cards?

Current Manner of Calculating Time Cards:
Currently, you get a stack of time cards and start 10-Keying, day by day, all the straight time, overt time, gold time, meal penalties etc. Then you write it all down on the original time card. Once completed, you give them to the head accountant for approval. And finally, you FedX or get a runner to bring them to your payroll company.

The Showbiz Way:
You get a stack of original time cards. You key the hours into the computer. Click the MagicPay button and your hours-to-gross is calculated for you. You print the new time card out and give it to your head accountant for approval. Once approved, you print the Showbiz time cards again - but not to paper - to PDF. Then you e-mail the PDF file to ANY payroll provider. The time cards arrive a minimum of a half a day earlier. Since they are not faxed or hand written, they are crystal clear to read. And since the comuter calculates mostly everything, there's less human error.

Note: Even though the payroll company can start working on your edit right away, you will still need to send the payroll company the original time cards (with hours worked and a signature) for archival purposes.



1. Enter as little or as much deal memo
information as you like.

2. Type in the work hours & pay meals


3. Click MagicPay to calculate the
hours to gross.

4. Print your time cards to PDF and e-mail
them to Media Services,
Axium, Cast & Crew, or EP

f(Note: All payroll companies wiil

Showbiz Contracts (Music)


One-time Employee Setup:
Enter as little or as much employee information as your desire (see employee info window below). Once you've set up an employee, you'll never have to type their information again.

Enter the Hours Worked:
As you enter the work hours, you'll see the total hours, meal penalties, straight time, overtime, and gold time hours instantly. It will even break down the hours using French/elapsed hours. Additionally, you'll know how many force call hours, minimum guarantees not met, and more!

Then Press the MagicPay Button:
Click one more button and you are done. Once you click the MagicPay button, every line of detail will magically appear in the "PAY BREAKDOWN" section. Now you can leave it as is or adjust any line of detail to your liking.

Get More Accurate and Easier to Read Time Cards:
Print your time card worksheets and attach them to the signed time cards. Or, e-mail your time cards to Media Services rapid payroll processing. Combined with Media Services' on-site check printing, there is no faster way to pay your staff and crew.

A Plethora of Reports:
You can generate reports for one day, one week, a month, for one production, for one employee, etc. For each of these type of reports you can print a box & car, mileage & lodging, holiday & vacation, employee checklists, etc.

Daily Labor Hot Costs:
If you enter the work hours on a daily basis, you can generate a daily labor hot cost for each day on your production. And when the week is over, you've already prepared 90% of your payroll for processing.





Duplicate Last Weeks Payroll
Each week, your payroll can be duplicated forward saving you tons of time - Especially for Non-Union shows where the pays typically stays the same each week.

Meal Penalties
Meal Penalties are automatically calculated giving you the option to call "Grace" to recognize all the meal penalties incurred.

Split Code Weeks / Multi-Job
Any employee can work up to four separate jobs in one week and your Showbiz Time Card calculator will figure it all out for each individual job at different rates or different accounts including: box rentals, meal penalties, vacation pay, holiday pay, straight time, overtime, and gold time.

Split Days
Just one-click to split the straight, overtime, and gold hours to three different jobs/episodes. This can be done by time of day or percent!

Turnaround / Force Call Hours
If you have to pay force calls, just tell it the force call interval, e.g., 10 hours, and the software will tell you exactly how many penalty hours you incurred.

Union Force Guaranteed Hours
With the click of a button, you can force all total work hours for each day up to the minimum guaranteed hours. E.g., on a 10 hour guarantee, where they only worked 7.5 hours, the button will change the total work hours to 10 hours for that day.

Night Premiums
Night Premiums are automatically calculated by just clicking a checkbox.

One Hour Camera Bumps
Simply check a checkbox to turn any fractional hour of gold time into one full hour.

Holiday and Vacation Pay
You can pay any percentage for holiday or vacation pay. Plus, you can pay straight time, 1.5x, or 2x on your holiday and vacation pay. And finally, you can pay min/maximum for 54 cumes 'n such.

Pension Hours
The totalling of pension hours is automatic - even if you are split coding the week - including 6th and 7th days.

Teamster or DGA Meal Money
Whether your paying DGA or Teamster meal money, the software automatically knows which days are worked and which days get meal money.

DGA Production Fees & Extended Days
DGA time cards are a snap to calculate. Form extended days to productions fees, everything is automatic and easy.

File Folder Labels
Since all the information is at your fingertips, you may as well print your file folder labels onto Avery laser jet or pin fed labels.

There's no need to create your Bible in Excel anymore. You can copy your Bible right out of the software and paste in directly into Excel so you can e-mail it to anyone.

6th & 7th Day Caclulations
All 6th & 7th day calculations are automatic.




Operating system: Mac OS 9,
Win 98/Me, NT, 2000, XP

Hardware: CD-ROM Drive
10MB of Hard Disk, 64 MB RAM


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